Liberal Law Partner Asks if it is Wrong to Discriminate Against Conservatives

Liberals have portrayed themselves as being tolerant of differing viewpoints, but, like Tiger Woods, their image and their behavior are diametrically opposed to each other. A partner in a law firm submitted a question to an ethicist in a newspaper asking if it is wrong to discriminate against conservatives in hiring. From Above the Law:

That was the question posed in yesterday’s popular Ethicist column, in the New York Times. Here’s the question that a reader posed to columnist Randy Cohen:

While interviewing law students for jobs as paid summer interns and full-time associates for my firm, I noticed several had résumés listing their activities in the Federalist Society. Some of my partners have conservative views similar to those of the society, but I do not. These students’ politics would not affect their professional function, but my review is meant to consider their judgment and personality (though I don’t need to give reasons for the assessments given). May I recommend not hiring someone solely because of his or her politics?

Ah, Greenwich — limousine liberalism, anyone? We are not surprised that this question came from the left side of the aisle. In our experience, liberals — despite their self-proclaimed commitment to “tolerance” — are far more intolerant of people with divergent views. To liberals, the political is so often personal; if you don’t agree with their entire orthodoxy, you are per se a bad person.

Okay, we’re stepping off our soapbox. How did the Ethicist respond?

Find out — and discover whether the partner took the Ethicist’s advice, plus take a reader poll — after the jump.

Cohen told the partner that he or she cannot discriminate on ideological grounds against conservatives:

If candidates can do the job, bathe regularly and work well with others, you should hire them. As you note, their “politics do not affect their function.” Is it your position that only people who share your politics should be allowed to make a living? It was odious when membership in the Federalist Society was all but required for some jobs in the Justice Department; it is no more appealing to make that affiliation a bar to employment at your firm.

So, did the liberal take th ethicist’s advice? Of course not:

Believing that all the applicants were qualified, but able to hire only a few, this person recommended rejecting each member of the Federalist Society.

Read the entire post. Be warned. It is an indication of what we will see in the future as leftists with this partner’s belief system work overtime to take over our economy and our health care system.

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