Tread Lightly, Mr. President

I’ve heard a few people already talking about President Obama’s address tonight, and one thing one liberal asshat said struck me as profoundly stupid:

“One thing he has to make clear is that Afghanistan is Bush’s mess.”

Oh, HELL, no.

Now, if Obama were giving his address from the White House, or before Congress, then it’d probably all right.

But Mr. “you troops make great photo ops” chose to speak at West Point, before the senior class of cadets.

And the last thing they need from their Commander In Chief is a demonstration of contempt for the top end of the chain of command.

The military has a policy that works pretty well: “salute the uniform, not the person wearing it.” It sums up a core belief that is inculcated from the beginning: individuals don’t really matter; trust and obey the chain of command; don’t worry about personalities.

It’s crucial to our military being the best in the world.

And if they see their president stuck on stupid campaign mode, trashing his predecessor, then the message being delivered to these future military leaders is that it’s acceptable to trash-talk the Commander In Chief, then Obama will be doing them a grave disservice.

Exit poll: how many times will Obama refer to himself in his address? Once is given; “I am ordering the deployment of XX thousand troops.” But we all know our Community Organizer In Chief; he’ll just HAVE to talk about how he struggled with the decision, how he weighed all the facts and counsel; how proud he is of the troops; and probably at least one personal anecdote about how great he is.

I’m gonna go with 37. And no, I don’t have an in with TOTUS.

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