See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Sense

I have no faith in President Obama to lead as President of the United States.

I believe he and his plans are subversive in nature to the traditions and future success of this country.

I therefore do not want him to succeed in realizing his vision for this nation.

Ultimately, he will be judged by his actions, and I believe history will prove just how destructive he and his administration will have been to the integrity of this nation, our way of life, and our strength in this world.

That said, with all the wrong decisions and damage that he has wrought in such short time in office, opposition to him, his policies, and his inability to lead this nation toward a path of progress and righteousness need not be embellished by lies and conspiracy theories.

He is quite capable of proving himself to be a failure and a national mistake.

That is why bizarre displays of ignorance such as the following serve only to tarnish legitimate opposition to him.


(A larger version is available here.)

This was an ad taken out in The Washington Times this past Monday.

It purports to indict Obama and his American citizenship, or lack thereof. Now, not only is he a non-citizen, he is a British subject.

It is part of a lawsuit by some guy from New Jersey claiming that Obama is in violation of Article II Presidential Eligibility Clause of The U.S. Constitution. This can all be found at greater length at

While the “Birther” movement is correctly regarded as a wacky fringe element, the commentary from the left regarding this pathetic ad has been entirely predictable. (Visit HuffPo to get a taste.)

Though the origin of the three chimps has been traced back to China in the Eighth century, the knee-jerk reaction from the left has been to belch out “RAAAAAACIST!,” disregarding that the chimps are all distinctly labeled, having nothing to do with Obama himself.

As the left is wont to do, they eventually lump together all dissension to Obama under one, big umbrella. Birthers are Tea Partiers, Tea Partiers are Townhallers, and all are of the same stock: Angry, white racists, all party to the ubiquitous vast-Right-wing-conspiracy.

While members of the Tea Party movement and the Townhall participants consist of ordinary citizens who possess a sincere concern for the welfare of this country, those on the left who demonize them are made up of the same nuts who believe 9-11 was a government conspiracy, the 2000 Presidential election was stolen, and George Bush personally blew up the levees during Katrina.

Though the Birthers on the Right are enemies of the Truthers on the Left, they have more in common with each other than not.

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