Australian Version of Cap and Trade Fails

The Australian version of the cap and trade failed to pass in their parliament today. From Reuters UK:

Australia’s parliament rejected laws to set up a sweeping carbon trade scheme on Wednesday, scuttling a key climate change policy of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and providing a trigger for an early 2010 election.

I’m always a little baffled by the (common) system of government where one failed vote can lead to a new election. But it is interesting to think that anger over global warming legislation could be the cause. Being a Reuters article no mention at all about Climategate and whether it played a role or not in the vote.

It does not sound as if Rudd is going to give up easily.

Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the government would re-introduce the carbon trade bills in February to give the opposition Liberal Party one more chance to support the scheme, adding the government was not looking at an early election.

It was the second rejection of the carbon-trade legislation by a hostile Senate. The vote gave Rudd a legal trigger to call an election that could come as early as March or April 2010, and to then ram his laws through a special joint sitting of both houses of parliament if he is returned to power.I did find this amusing:

The prime minister, who is overseas, had hoped to take his carbon-trade scheme to next week’s global talks in Copenhagen, where world leaders will seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

First Climategate, then this. I can guarantee you that when these world leaders convene on Copenhagen, they will act as if they have the moral backing from every last person on the planet. I can only hope that a cynical world, perhaps now with its eyes open, will see through the charade.

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