Obama's "Jobs Plummet"

Sort of like the old saying “remember when is the lowest form of conversation,” President Obama’s insistence on “holding a summit” is the lowest form of leadership.

Our Commander-in-Grief has decided to hold a “Jobs Summit” this Thursday (12/3). The hope is it will convey a sense to the masses that he is a President deeply involved in remedying the nation’s ailing economy. Truth is, it’s just another photo-op designed to cover up his glaring incompetence.

He has held several types of these summits before, addressing subjects like Health Care, Fiscal Responsibility, the status of American Indians, and, of course, his historic “Beer Summit.”

Somehow, bringing together dozens of people, all wearing “Hello, my name is…” tags, sending them off into separate groups to discuss how to fix the highest level of unemployment in 26 years, doesn’t exactly instill a sense of confidence in Obama’s leadership. Instead, it reeks of desperation, and exposes just how impotent his administration is concerning our economy.

An estimated 130 people have been invited to participate in this gaggle of economic group-think. Prominent union leaders, economists, business journalists, politicians, and CEOs of several of the nation’s largest companies are anticipated to attend, including the heads of Google, Comcast, AT&T, Fed-Ex, Boeing, and Disney.

Disney is especially appropriate, considering you’d have to operate in some sort of fantasy land to believe Obama’s government is capable of producing any viable ideas on how to climb out of this economic hole.

It seems, with the economy in such a precarious position as this, the government only has a few means by which it can manipulate the capitalistic system. However few those means may be, they possess a powerful impact. Raising or lowering taxes, expanding or decreasing the size of the public sector, and regulation or deregulation of industries are some of the more prominent ways by which the federal government can effect the overall direction of the economy.

With Obama and his liberal tax-and-spend accomplices in Congress, their unfortunate success in meddling with and manipulating corporate America have created such a sour atmosphere for economic success, the outlook for substantial job growth and sustainable employment grows predictably more bleak with each passing month.

Gone are Obama’s bellowing promises and hollow rhetoric of a new and vibrant “green” economy, vast job-creating infrastructure plans, and “shovel-ready” projects. Reality has sunk in, and a strong tide of “buyer’s remorse” has swamped a duped populace. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have paved the way for the current 10.2% unemployment rate, proving that even America can’t spend its way out of a recession. A $1.42 trillion budget deficit, a failed $787 billion stimulus bill, a $3.55 trillion budget for 2010, looming cap and trade, ObamaCare, all designed with the over-riding intention of keeping people wired tighter than a snare drum, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so the Triumvirate of Doom can have an easier time of pushing through their social agenda.

Keeping in line with his narcissism and belief that he can will people over to his way of thought, Obama will take to the streets after his “jobs summit” in what is billed as the “White House to Main Street Tour.”

I kid you not.

(From WhiteHouse.gov)

The President will follow the forum with a visit to Allentown, Pennsylvania the following day where he will kick off a White House to Main Street Tour that will take him to cities and towns across the country over the course of the next few months. In an effort to spend some time out of Washington and take the temperature on what Americans are experiencing during these challenging economic times, the President will visit communities across the country over the next several months where he will speak with workers and share ideas for continued recovery.

(It is no coincidence that at the same time he is getting out of Washington to continue his campaign-like gimmickry, the Nobel Peace-Prize winner will announce his intention to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan.)

A couple more months of this misery and they can re-name it the “Pain Street Tour.”

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