Climategate: Week in Review

I meant to get this out on Sunday but the holiday has me a day behind and a dollar short. Coverage of climategate continues to explode across the internet and everywhere else that isn’t an American mainstream media outlet. There’s been a lot written and I thought it might be helpful to people interested in following the story to have a review of recent articles.

Commentary by Mark Steyn on the recent (absurd) comments from IPCC chair Pachauri can be found over at The Corner.

talks about how the MSM is completely refusing to cover the story at all, even if to try to downplay its importance.

The JammieWearingFool looks at the MSM from another angle, noting how they will commonly publish military secrets but refuse to talk about climategate materials.

An hilariously bizarre situation is happening in the wake of the growing Climategate scandal. Many of the mainstream media stories about global warming are simply pretending it doesn’t exist. Perhaps they feel that by ignoring Climategate entirely that it will just go away. Unfortunately for them, the readers of these global warming stories keep bringing up the inconvenient truth of Climategate by mentioning the scandal in the comments section over and over and over again.

Over at Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft is posting on the subject frequently. He writes about connections to “hockey stick” creator Michael Mann and Obama administration science czar Holdren. He also covers plans by India, China, and Brazil to walk out of the Copenhagen meeting.

Ed Morrissey reveals over at Hot Air that the CRU threw out the original data–we only have the “adjusted” data to work with now.

Glenn Reynolds has a few posts that each contain a collection of links on climategate over at Instapundit here and here.

Related, Pajamas Media is maintaining a hub for the leaked documents (or should I say evidence?) and stories about climategate.

Editorials on the subject are available from Jonathan Alder (The Volokh Conspiracy) and from Clive Crook (the Atlantic).

The Washington Times reports that global warming czar Carol Browner says the leaked emails don’t change anything. I wonder if she is relying on her undergraduate degree in English or her law degree to make that scientific analysis?

Finally, a bit of humor on the subject from Jim Treacher.

(On an administrative note, what do people think of “in review” type posts in general? When Kevin invited us new guys on board he asked that we cover breaking stories of interest. One way to do that is with quick posts linking to one story or source. Another way is to try to collect a set of links as a convenience to Wizbang readers. What do you think? Sound off in the comments, please.)

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