Michael Steele's vision for GOP must be rejected

While a socialist President and far-left Congress have energized conservatives, the fact remains that the Republican Party is missing galvanizing leadership at this point in time. Michael Steele’s watered-down ideologies will never fly in a party crying out for true conservatism. His “big tent” strategies have failed miserably. Potential 2012 Republican nominee candidates like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are all viable, but none of them will ever be considered the second coming of Ronaldus Magnus. The door is wide open for a politically incorrect, unabashed conservative to grab the GOP by the throat and drag it where it needs to be. In fact, such a leader could take the first step in becoming the next President of the United States if he or she would do these three things:

Initiate or encourage legislation that would prohibit a civilian trial for KSM. President Obama abdicated his own authority in his insistence the decision was strictly that of the Attorney General, but Holder clearly has no jurisdiction over a war criminal captured on foreign soil. A bill forbidding civilian trials for war criminals would tie the President’s hands and cause mass panic among Democrats in Congress as the American people oppose this by a 4-to-1 margin. Every single Democrat Senator or Congressman who refused to support such a bill would be beaten over the head relentlessly by their Republican opponent in the next election cycle.

Initiate or encourage a second Contract with America. Simply opposing Obama is not enough to defeat him. A tangible list of conservative solutions must be presented to the American Public. A leader who causes citizens to focus on such a contract that explains precisely how excessive spending is prolonging and deepening the recession and how tax relief to businesses will eventually cause hiring would gain significant political power as Republicans harmonize on such principles in upcoming elections.

Understand independents. One of the biggest political misconceptions advanced by the mainstream media is that independent voters are “undecided” or “in the middle”. A large number of independent voters are libertarian or simply to the right of Michael Steele’s “big tent” Republican Party. Millions of independents were so disenchanted with watered-down conservatism that they simply could not pull the lever for John McCain. A leader who embraces every facet of conservatism will dominate among independent voters.

The absence of direction within the Republican Party yields a tremendous opportunity for the next genuine conservative leader to emerge. Such an individual will transcend Michael Steele’s populist vision.

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