Obama Approval Under 50% According to Quinnipiac, Fox News, Rasmussen, and Gallup Polls

Is there any doubt left that the President’s super star status has fallen? According to four major polling services, President Barack Obama’s approval rating has fallen beneath 50%.

Quinnipiac tracks the President’s approval rating at 48%, with Fox News and Rasmussen both tracking it at 46%. Gallup’s poll puts the President’s approval at 49%.

Also damning is a Democracy Corps poll that puts President Obama’s approval at exactly 50%.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll has the President’s approval at a hilarious 56%, which begs the question: are you kidding me? I guess ABC News is still using kool-aid powder for all of its drinks.

Thanks to RealClearPolitics for the info. Cross-linked at Jumping in Pools

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