Understanding The New York Trials

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the whole decision by the Obama administration to bring the accused 9/11 terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to New York City for civilian trials, and it’s been a challenge. All the arguments being tossed back and forth made a modicum of sense, but none of them seemed sufficient to explain the whole situation. Finally, though, a chain of notions tied itself together in my mind that seems to explain the whole thing.

You first have to start off with the old truism that “conservatives think liberals are stupid; liberals think conservatives are evil.”

With that in mind, the Obama administration’s actions suddenly make perfect sense.

To them, the trial of the accused terrorists is merely a means to an end. And that end is, to them, a greater justice that must be served.

Some critics are asking questions like “what if they are not convicted?” What would happen if a jury finds — for whatever reason, such as mistreatment of the defendants at the hands of the government during their years of pre-trial detention — that to convict them would be unjust?

That doesn’t matter. The Obama administration is convinced that the fix is in. The conviction is a foregone conclusion to them; they simply can’t envision anything else happening. (As others have noted, these are the same people who couldn’t conceive of Chicago NOT winning the Olympics, or of the Democrats NOT winning the recent gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey — but we’re not dealing with reality here, but the Obama administration’s perceptions.)

So the conviction is in the bag. This is when the spirit of Rahm Emanuel raises its baleful head and repeats the mantra “never let a crisis go to waste.” Since there’s going to be a trial anyway, and the outcome is already gonna happen, what else can get get from it? What other benefit can we reap from this trial? What other enemies — besides these all-but-convicted-and-executed terrorists — can we pummel with this?

Why, of course, the Bush administration and the CIA.

The treatment of the detainees — already characterized by Obama and his flunkies as “torture” — is almost certainly going to be raised by the terrorists’ defense attorneys. (“Almost” because the impossible can always happen.)

Here’s how I see it playing out: the defense raises the “torture” argument. Obama’s Justice Department objects, just strenuously enough to get the whole issue argued before the judge and the press (if not the jury). This gets all the gory, lurid details out in the public, and demonstrates once and for all what evil, malicious, hideous, inhuman monsters Bush, Cheney, and all their supporters are once and for all.

In the end, all the evidence gathered by the “enhanced interrogations” will be set aside and the trials will continue towards their predestined guilty verdicts. And then the real fun begins — all that currently-confidential information is now not only public, not only part of the official legal record, but the Obama administration can claim to have resisted its release and only did so in compliance with the law. At that point, more legal action — civil and, possibly, criminal — can be brought against Bush-era officials, bringing more discredit on the Republican party in general — just in time for the 2010 or 2012 elections.

Which, of course, is the main focus on an administration that viewed the days between last November’s election and this past January 20 as a vacation between campaigns, and has yet to figure out when — or how — to start governing.

Naturally, there is no guarantee that it will play out according to their plans. So far, their record of actually achieving what they set out to do is incredibly poor. That doesn’t even begin to slow them down, of course, but gosh darn it they’ll certainly try — and make no plans for things not going precisely as they planned.

Again, this is just my interpretation of how the Obama administration perceives the current situation. It is consistent with their past conduct, their actions to this point, and their stated goals and beliefs.

Is it accurate? I dunno. I just know that it’s consistent with what they’ve done before, have been saying all along, and with what they’ve done at every step in the current process.

(Author’s note: half an hour after finishing this, I found out that others have been coming to pretty much the same conclusion… I guess the Obamoids do know their base pretty well.)

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