Perhaps sniffing the first stirrings of defeat in the air over Congress these days, the AP has rushed in to help carry Obama’s water on nationalized health care (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON (AP) – Americans don’t want to shoulder the cost of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul themselves. They think the rich should pay for it.

That’s the finding from a new Associated Press poll, and it could be a boost for House Democrats, who have proposed taxing upper-income people to fund their sweeping remake of the U.S. medical system. Their plan, which the House approved this month, would extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans.

As if “the rich” weren’t also “Americans”. Alinsky would be proud.

And isn’t it clever how the AP juxtaposes the “upper-income people” who stand to be taxed back to the stone-age with the “millions of uninsured Americans” who will supposedly see the benefit?

The bitter irony of course is that if Obama’s initiative does succeed and “the rich” are scapegoated into shouldering the entire burden, there won’t be many left to complain. They’ll either have left the country or have been taxed into mediocrity…leaving the entire burden on…

Our children!

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