Fictional Jobs in Fictional Districts: Garbage In, Garbage Out

From the geniuses that want to read and control the decision making and diagnostics on your next colonoscopy we learn that the idea of President Obama’s statement that there are fifty seven U S States may finally have some circumstantial evidence to support it. According to, the Obama administration’s Biden run stimulus oversight watchdog, there are jobs being created in Congressional districts that know one knew existed.

Here’s a stimulus success story: In Arizona’s 15th congressional district, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending. At least that’s what the Web site set up by the Obama administration to track the $787 billion stimulus says.

There’s one problem, though: There is no 15th congressional district in Arizona; the state has only eight districts.

And ABC News has found many more entries for projects like this in places that are incorrectly identified.

Late Monday, officials with the Recovery Board created to track the stimulus spending, said the mistakes in crediting nonexistent congressional districts were caused by human error.

“We report what the recipients submit to us,” said Ed Pound, Communications Director for the Board.

Communications Director Pound has unwittingly served up what may yet be the best rebuttal for both ObamaCare and the Obama Keynesian economic policy that is reeking havoc on jobs recovery and the economy. Garbage In, Garbage Out. The federal government has no idea what the effect their spending extravagance has on the U S economy with the exception of two metrics: government jobs created (that still can’t be accurately located) and the deficit. While the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington scramble to recover this embarrassing fumble, populists and businesses around the country are organizing around opposition to Obamacare and a liberal elitism that has manifested a political tone deafness not seen in decades.

It was assumed that the 1993 Clinton administration agenda was perhaps the most disconnected policy agenda of a generation; however it may turn out that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda will doom more Democrats than Clinton and LBJ combined.

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