Sympathy For The Devil

I’m not a sports fan, but even I was caught up in the hullabaloo surrounding Elizabeth Lambert, the women’s soccer player from the University of New Mexico. She’s the one in the video seen all over the place — punching and elbowing and hair-pulling other players.

Here, see for yourself:

I was as appalled (and, I have to admit, “interested” in a guy way) as most anyone watching it. But then I started reading some comments about the incidents — and some people noticed something intriguing about Lambert’s most flagrant fouls:

In both cases, she was provoked.

When she punched the other player in the back, it was preceded by Lambert herself getting an elbow in the chest. And in the most lurid one, the hair-pulling one, watch carefully — just before Lambert grabs her hair, the other player grabs Lambert’s shorts and starts to give her a “frontal wedgie.”

Now, I can’t say what a frontal wedgie feels like for a woman, but I’m willing to bet they’re not fun. I know I haven’t enjoyed them.

Lambert’s philosophy about fouls seems one pretty well suited for international diplomacy: attack me, and I’ll hit back considerably harder. So don’t attack me.

On the sports field, that seems somewhat less acceptable.

But she seems a bit less monstrous to me, now.

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