Happy Veterans Day

Say thanks to a vet today. I live with one and am related to quite a few more, but would like to extend my thanks to all veterans and active duty military reading this post.

Michelle Malkin’s Veterans Day post includes links to some companies that are honoring veterans (and in most cases active duty military as well) today with special treats such as a free meal at Applebee’s and a free doughnut at Krisy Kreme (as if anyone could eat just one of those).

Matt at Blackfive looks at how the NYT honors Veterans Day. Matt describes this from Mike Royko as the best Veterans Day column EVER. Mudville Gazette has a roundup of great Veterans Day posts from a number of milblogs.

If you have not already contributed to the Valour-IT program, you can do so here.

Update: Must read (seriously, this is a must) from Anchoress about some heroes you don’t know. She also includes links to some other Veterans Day posts.

Update II: Mary Katharine Ham has a beautiful story about a veteran she met last week at the rally in DC.

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