Broken Hearts And Twisted Minds

When, in America, did legitimate outrage over acts of terrorism become replaced by passive acceptance of violence and fear?

Why are we not allowed to openly acknowledge who the obvious perpetrators are that spread this fear and hatred for others? When did we lose our collective right to proclaim what is good and evil?

Islam is the only religion which, after its members participate in acts of violence, automatically comes with the caveat that “they do not represent all members of that faith,” and admonishes us not to brand all Muslims as “extremists.”

We have been told for years that we must “win the hearts and minds” of the Muslim world. People whose hearts and minds are diseased by radical teachings, saturated with a deranged sense of moral superiority. They believe they are the only people worthy of living, and that their religion is one which commands them to cleanse the Earth of “infidels” who do not or will not prescribe to their brand of religious ideology. These people cannot be “won over.”

All religions inherently believe that their’s is the chosen faith. It is within that faith that its followers feel their ways of worship, tenants, and doctrines are the means by which, if followed, will lead their souls to heaven. This, in and of itself, is a good thing.

However, only one religion consistently uses violence and death as a means to punish and force those who do not follow its version of pervasive religious fanaticism.

When, after 1400 years of existence, will Islam finally come to have its own version of an “enlightenment?” How many more innocent people need to suffer and be murdered before the many ruthless members of this religion will be cast out as purveyors of death?

Will the day ever arrive when the voices of the so called “few” who “pervert” the “religion of peace” be loudly denounced and shouted down by the invisible “moderates” of Islam?

These jihadists openly call for war against all who are non-Muslims.

They use violence, intimidation, and murder to spread a popular version of worship to Allah.

They vociferously condemn, vilify, and demand extermination of the Jewish people.

They raise up as martyrs people like Osama Bin Laden, animals who represent evil, who kill tens of thousands of innocents, and desire for the death of billions more, out of some sick sense of self-righteousness and religious superiority.

We are supposed to win the hearts and minds of a people who believe shouting “Allahu Akbar” affords them license to spread hatred and take the lives of those they deem inferior?

As Americans, we have elected people so blinded by political correctness that they project onto us their own corrupted views of Islam. Views which dismiss Islam’s hatred and intolerance. Instead of recognizing and denouncing the abject evil of Islam’s perverted doctrine, we are told that we should be more concerned about our own “over-reaction” toward its existence, that those who profligate this evil in both words and deeds are but a small minority.

This is like putting a silk hat on a pig.

The reality is that Islam has been, and continues to be, the most significant obstacle to peace in the world.

As long as the rest of us disregard this threat for the sake of political correctness, it will continue to be so for years to follow.

Happy Veterans Day