Sad Irony

Unfortunate headline from the AP today, which for some reason they found appropriate to lead an article about the President’s visit with the families of the victims of last week’s massacre at Fort Hood:

“Obama remembers what Fort Hood victims left behind”

What, besides their guns?

So while the AP does its best to congratulate itself for turning these brave service men and women into just another set of victims to be mollified by the sweet nothings percolating from Obama’s presidential pie hole, let’s take a moment to realize something that their families sure as hell can’t forget–that Fort Hood is a gun-free zone.

Nidal Hasan’s mission to murder innocent people there last week was helped along in significant part by laws policies preventing those people from carrying weapons to defend themselves.

So while the victims did sadly leave behind loved ones whose lives are now forever damaged by the acts of Mr. Hasan, the most tragic things of all left behind were the guns that would have prevented it all from happening.

UPDATE—To correct “laws” to “policies” in 5th paragraph. No state or federal law required that Fort Hood be a “gun free zone”. This was a military policy in force at the base. Thanks to careful readers for pointing this out. I regret the error, though stand by the overarching point of the post, which is that anti-gun “theory” (which operates in anti-gun law as well as policy) ends up costing more lives than it saves. When guns are criminalized, only criminals will have them.

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