Chicks Fight!

At Fort Hood, it is worth noting that the gunman was stopped by a civilian police officer.

A woman officer.

A woman I personally dwarf by about eight inches in height and easily double in weight.

Police Sergeant Kimberly Munley, directing traffic nearby, ran directly at the sound of the gunshots. She charged into the massacre, utterly disregarding her own safety. And despite being seriously wounded, took down the alleged killer.

This isn’t the first time in recent history that an American woman with a gun stopped a massacre in progress. In December of 2007, an anti-religious nutjob went on a shooting spree in Colorado. After killing several, he stormed into the New Life Church. Among the flock was disgraced former Chicago police officer Jeanne Assam — and her gun. She begged him to drop his weapon, but when he shot at her, she took him down — and the wounded, cowardly little shit chose to kill himself instead of being taken into custody.

Sgt. Munley wasn’t quite as lucky. She was wounded three times (including once in the hand), but still managed to hit her target four times. She’s recovering; he’s in a coma. Initial reports even had him dead.

I have a hunch these two women would get along just fine. Especially at the firing range.

But there is a bigger point to be raised here. These two women are of fine character, of great courage, of deep convictions, and superb skill. But there is one superlative I would not bestow on them.

They are not exceptional.

They are all too typical of American women.

And that is something that our would-be foes should keep in mind. This latest alleged traitor and would-be jihadist was stopped by a “mere woman.” He, a trained soldier and a dedicated would-be martyr, went up against a copette — and came out in second place. She’s asking about other victims and itching to get back to work. He’s auditioning for a spot in the produce section of the local supermarket.

I find myself hoping he recovers. I want him to know that it was a woman — an American woman — who stopped his glorious attempt at martyrdom. And I want him to face an American firing squad for treason.

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