What It All Means

There is lots of good analysis to be found around the blogosphere. Here is a sampling:

Michael Barone — as always, Barone has great statistics and looks at interesting trends

Fred Barnes — looks at similarities to 1993

Glenn Reynolds — on how the Obama magic has faded

Michelle Malkin — on the GOP’s million dollar object lesson

Ed Morrisey — big lesson learned last night is for congressional Dems that Obama can’t get them re-elected

NRO roundup — great collection of opinions from expert strategists

And there is the liberal take…

Kos — as I pointed out last night, those on the left think the problem is that Dems were not liberal enough; Kos says the problem was with the Democrat base not turning out and that going along with Blue Dogs isn’t the way to cure that

As for my take on last night, it is simple. Just like in the first year of Clinton’s first term, Obama has overreached. Unlike in Clinton’s first term though, unemployment is at 30 year record highs in some states. Also unlike Clinton, Obama is pushing for radical changes. Clinton raised taxes and did gays in the military (that didn’t sound quite right, he did the issue of gays in the military). Obama is overseeing a government takeover of major portions of the private sector. That is what is extreme and radical, not people showing up at rallies protesting that action. Hope and change has been exposed for what it always was — bigger government, higher spending, higher taxes. Americans are not in favor of that kind of change and they are now making their voices heard not only through organized rallies, but at the ballot box. Now the question is whether or not Obama will significantly change course to win back those who no longer trust him and whether or not those conservatives who have been so active this year will maintain their intensity and momentum.

Update: If you didn’t already see it last night, don’t miss my election night post which includes some quotes from liberal blogs complaining that their candidates were not liberal enough. Also, though it has been overshadowed by the results, is the story that Obama and those in the White House were not watching the election results. The Ostrich-in-Chief decided to treat these elections the way he treated the tea parties — la, la, la, I can’t hear you. That is always such a successful strategy. Here’s the link.

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