Torturous Logic

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has been floating trial balloons about possible resolutions to the fighting in Afghanistan. (This administration sends up more balloons than the National Weather Service.) Among the ideas have been ways that might peel the Taliban away from Al Qaeda, including such plans as including them in a coalition government, ceding the countryside to them while holding the cities, and bribing them to stop fighting us.

This is the Taliban, remember. These are the hard-core Islamic militants who governed Afghanistan in a theocratic reign of terror, enslaving their citizens (especially women) under an iron fist. Routine punishments included flogging, stoning, dismemberment, hanging, burning, scourging, crushing, beheading, and other fun activities.

At the same time, the Obama administration is flirting with the idea of criminally prosecuting CIA interrogators who questioned the most committed terrorists we caught. They engaged in what is euphemistically called “enhanced interrogation techniques” that were exceptionally unpleasant — but always with the review and approval of Justice Department officials, who were experts on the letter of the law regarding torture.

Obviously, what these CIA officials need to do to protect themselves is to declare themselves a committed faction determined to overthrow the US government, then begin negotiations for their surrender. With luck, they might even end up not only keeping their jobs, but granted concessions and control of certain aspects of the government.

Hey, if the Obama administration is willing to consider granting that to the Taliban, then they certainly can’t deny equal treatment for American citizens, can they?

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