Philistines. I'm Surrounded By Philistines.

I’ve mentioned before that I often play my MP3 player at work. I have close to 14,000 tracks on it, and have learned what settings will consistently provide “SFW” music for the workspace.

But there’s just no accounting for taste.

The other day, I set it to play only songs by a certain group that I rather like and is pretty Safe For Work. One of their more… unique compositions came on, and I was enjoying it.

And then my boss spoke up.

“Jay, what in God’s green earth are we listening to?”

Now, I know I’ve lived a sheltered life. I grew up very culturally deprived. It was northern New Hampshire, just a little ways from East Nowheresville.

But this dropped my jaw to the floor.

Once I got the jaw back in place, I calmly and coolly explained to my boss that the song that was just winding down was Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

And then I followed it up with this brilliant variant:

Town Haul
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