The British Nanny State Goes Too Far

One of the worst things about encroaching government is how it can negatively affect our families. We’ve seen here in the US how the welfare system has torn families apart by making it easy for men to father children with numerous women.

In Britain, government regulations dictate that parents who take their kids to public playgrounds are not allowed to supervise them until they have a background check to make sure they aren’t pedophiles.

Have you heard anything more insane? From the UK Mail Online:

Parents are being banned from playing with their children in council recreation areas because they have not been vetted by police.

Mothers and fathers are being forced to watch their children from outside perimeter fences because of fears they could be paedophiles.

Watford Council was branded a ‘disgrace’ yesterday after excluding parents from two fenced-off adventure playgrounds unless they first undergo criminal record checks.

Children as young as five will instead be supervised by council ‘play rangers’ who have been cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau.

Councillors insist they are merely following Government regulations and cannot allow adults to walk around playgrounds ‘unchecked’.

But furious parents attacked the move and threatened to boycott the playgrounds.

Concerns were raised last night that other councils around the country are adopting similar policies amid confusion over Government rules and increasing hysteria over child protection.

Based upon the logic the British state is using here, that parents are potential pedophiles until proven otherwise, it’s amazing the state doesn’t require a background check as a prerequisite for parenthood altogether.

Maybe I shouldn’t give the nanny-staters any more ideas.

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