House Unveils Health Bill

Via AFP (emphasis mine):

President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority, remaking US health care, took another step closer to becoming reality Thursday as his top House allies unveiled sweeping compromise legislation.

“Today we are about to deliver on the promise of making affordable, quality health care available for all Americans, laying the foundation for a brighter future for generations to come,” said Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

With time running short before a self-imposed year-end deadline, the House of Representatives could vote as early as next week on the measure, which includes a government-backed insurance plan to compete with private firms.

Democrats estimated the measure would cost 894 billion over 10 years and expand health insurance to 36 million Americans, helping to extend coverage to 96 percent of the population of the world’s richest nation.

“Sweeping compromise legislation”, huh? AFP is of course a tad light on the details of just what those compromises might be, but if the bill includes a public option as the article says, then it’s hard to see what was compromised (except our national prosperity, that is).

If you’re curious and have nothing to do for the next few days, you can read the bill yourself here.

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