Author Tryouts – The Final Verdict

After a successful tryout period, I’ve invited most all of the authors who have been posting for the last week on board as regular contributors. We will be mindful of overloading the site with content, but what you should find going forward is all the same Wizbang goodness you’ve come to expect plus more breaking news and hot topic content during the day. Welcome to Rodney, Richard, Rick, Albert, Alan, Dan, and Michael!

Next up is a search for authors at Wizbang Pop! If you’re interested just send me an e-mail: kevin at wizbangblog dot com…

In site design news in a fit of frenzy, and mostly for my own personal use, I’ve added a mobile format for the blog – best suited for iPhone’s or iPod touch devices, though apparently it works just fine on other mobile devices. The link is over in the sidebar in the Follow Wizbang section. Right now it’s just article content (with a link to the full site comments), but we will be adding native comment capability in the mobile version soon. I’m working on a news (with comments) section for Wizbang and commenter profiles and history in addition to tighter integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc. All will be rolled out in the coming months.

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