Republicans Drop Balls On Election Night

Just how low can they go?

ABC News:

Republican men nationwide may have experienced a drop in testosterone levels the night Barack Obama was elected president, according to the results of a small study that found another link between testosterone and men’s moods.

Low testosterone levels in men are linked to increased risk of premature death. By taking multiple saliva samples from 183 young men and women on election night, researchers found that the testosterone levels of men who voted for John McCain or Robert Barr dropped sharply 40 minutes after Obama was announced the winner.

The testosterone levels of men who voted for Obama stayed the same throughout the evening. This could be significant because testosterone levels normally rise and fall throughout the day.

One man, however, spoke reason to madness:

If unmitigated rage is an indication of testosterone levels, mine are higher than ever,” wrote in Don from, Albuquerque, N.M.


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