Get A Horse!

Last week, my boss had to go on a business trip with his boss. They carpooled, and as is often the case, Boss 2 rented a car and Boss 1 rode along. I got to see them off in the rental Prius.

Well, kinda.

About a minute after they left the front door, I noticed they were still sitting out front. So I stuck my head out the door and made “shoo” gestures.

A couple of minutes later, they were still there. So I stuck my head out the door again.

Boss 2 rolled down the window. “Jay, go on Google and look up how to start a Prius!”

Apparently it was running when he got it, and he didn’t know how to re-start it.

“No problem. Step one: GET A REAL CAR!”

Then I actually Googled it up — and it turns out that starting certain models of Prius is actually a bit of work.

Step 1: Take the “key” (which looks like a remote-starter fob) and insert it into a slot in the dash.

Step 2: Press down on the brake.

Step 3: Press the “POWER” button on the dash.

But that isn’t enough. The Prius starts in electric mode, so there’s no engine sound to tell you that you’re ready to go. You just shift into “forward” or “reverse” and get going.

(One guy was so put out by this that he posted a video on YouTube on how to do it — which I found most helpful in getting rid of my bosses.)

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