Fox News Ratings Up 8% Since Squabble With White House Began

I’m not sure if anyone needs more proof that Fox News is relishing the tongue lashing that the White House is dishing out, but the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the number of average views for the channel is way up since the squabble began. Is this more proof that the Administration’s attacks are backfiring?

From the L.A. Times:

This year, Fox News has averaged nearly 1.2 million viewers across all its programming, a 16% increase over the same period last year, according to Nielsen. In the two weeks since aides to President Obama took after the coverage, the audience has been 8% larger than the previous two weeks.

This is great news for the First Amendment, in my opinion. Imagine if the Executive Branch had the power to squash any form of news they did not like. It would be the end of the freedom of speech and press as we know it. It also shows that the Administration cannot always shape reality to its will.

The article continues:

Glenn Beck, the network’s newest star, gleefully unveiled a red telephone on his set, saying it was a special line for the White House to use to correct any mistakes he makes. Sean Hannity proudly labeled his program “Not White House approved.” And Bill O’Reilly repeatedly hammered the White House in his nightly editorial.

“There is something very disturbing about the Obama administration fighting harder against Fox News than against the Taliban,” he said last week.

Right on.

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