Man Off to Prison after Robbing Bar and Falling Asleep in Freezer

This is one of the cooler stories that I have come across in a little while. is reporting that a man snuck into a pub, ate a can of tomatoes, then took a nap in the freezer. And guess what he woke up to… handcuffs.


Timothy Dean St. Clair was arrested early Sunday and charged with commercial burglary. He was taken to the Hernando County Jail, where he was being held on $3,000 bail. It wasn’t clear if St. Clair was still in custody Monday.

According to the arrest report, St. Clair entered the fenced-in area of the business that was formerly Shakers Grill & Club at 31077 Cortez Blvd. He used a screwdriver to pry open a locked door to the storage shed, where he found the can of tomatoes.

After eating the contents, St. Clair went into the freezer, which is currently not being used. St. Clair then fell asleep, the report said. A Hernando deputy discovered St. Clair during a security check of the building.

Okay, walk me through this process. You break into a bar looking to steal some money. You shatter the window, sneak inside, and grab some cash. As you are escaping, you see a can of tomatoes. Okay, maybe, just maybe you say to yourself that, “hey, I’m robbing the place, I might as well eat something.”

So you eat the tomatoes, but you still have escaping to do. Who says, ‘well, my work’s done, and that freezer looks mighty comfortable.’

This story is almost as bad as the man who got arrested for driving a motorized La-Z-Boy while drunk.

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