Random Thoughts On New Jersey's Election

New Jersey’s race for governor is quickly approaching the finish line.

Republican Chris Christie, who months ago, was leading Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine in the polls by 9%, has seen his lead dwindle away, and is now clinging to a 2% advantage. Latest polling shows Christie with 41%, Corzine with 39%, and Independent Chris Daggett with 11%. (8 percent are “not sure”.)

While Christie has been held to finance limits imposed by accepting pubic funding, Corzine has undertaken a personal spending orgy. Pumping more then $25 million of his estimated $400 million Goldman Sachs fortune into his campaign, he has relentlessly attacked Christie for meaningless reasons including receiving traffic tickets, a bogus claim that Christie wants to restrict access to mammograms, and even using Christie’s physical appearance to disparage him.

Welcome to the thunderdome of New Jersey politics.

That this race is so close at this late stage can only be construed as a stinging rebuke of Governor Corzine and his hideous stewardship.

If Corzine loses, it will be an upset of stunning proportions, solely in regards to a Republican winning in such a Northeastern liberal fortress as New Jersey. If he wins, it will only be an expected liberal New Jersey outcome.

As a political side show, politicians and pundits alike have opined that this election is also a referendum on the Obama agenda.


In a state as liberal as New Jersey, Obama’s significance to the political circumstances will be purely incidental. He may be able to help electrify the concrete liberal base, but the election will not be determined by his overall political presence.

Attempting to rub off some of his dwindling political capital and personal charm onto a man who is as warm as a witch’s tit, Obama has held two rallies for Corzine. He just announced a third rally to be held on November 1st, in the city of Camden. (Camden is one of several demilitarized zones in the urban areas of the state, and one solidly Democratic). While Obama has distanced himself from an assured Democratic defeat in the Virgina governor’s race, his interest in New Jersey is an insubstantial public relations ploy to save some face and break even.

This state is a liberal’s wet dream. Filled with a sense of government entitlement, a great many in this state have, for decades, been sucking at the government teat, and they are not about to give that up. Urban areas rule, where unemployment is in double digits, government entitlements are the norm, and corruption is expected. Couple that with a huge population of senior citizens, brainwashed to believe Democrats care for them and Republicans want to steal their social security checks, and you end up with a dysfunctional electorate.

Adding to this volatile mix is Chris Daggett.

His ascendancy in the polls has contributed mainly to Christie’s point losses. While it is legitimate to run an independent campaign, it is also self-serving when the chance of success is so predictably low. His personal insistence on diving into the political septic tank of New Jersey politics is more about winning name recognition then a belief in winning the election..

If Christie loses, and this state ends up with the failed policies of Corzinism for four more years, we will have Daggett to thank for it.

Daggett will be remembered by the furious citizens of New Jersey not as an up-and-coming agent of change, but as a selfish politician who ruined the chance for New Jersey to banish the abject political disaster that is Corzine.

Corzine is a proven failure.

He must be defeated.

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