Why NY-23 Matters


The special election on November 3rd to determine the replacement of Republican John McHugh (who resigned from office to become the United States Secretary of the Army) has suddenly become a bellwether matter of national importance, but not for the reasons suggested throughout the mainstream media. This particular election is not at all about Democrats versus Republicans. It is solely about a conservative revolution within the Republican Party and the direction it must take if it is to wrest power away from liberals.

Dede Scozzafava is by all accounts a pro-abortion liberal who by a twist of fate has somehow ended up with an “R” after her name. Her candidacy has been endorsed by Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas. A victory by Scozzafava would be far more damaging to the future of the Republican Party than losing the seat to the Democrats because it would embolden the party’s moderates who have brought forth such winners as John McCain, Arlen Spector, Lincoln Chaffee and Olympia Snowe.

The key to re-capturing Congress in 2010 is the unification of the party around unwavering conservative principles. A victory by Doug Hoffman is of paramount importance as it would send a compelling message to elitist party leaders that Republicans value true conservatism above all else and demonstrate that compromise is not the key to defeating liberals in 13 months. Victories by third-party candidates are few and far between, but Doug Hoffman and the Conservative Party have a chance to shock the world in 11 days. An upset by Hoffman would speak volumes about the influence of endorsements from true conservatives such as Palin, Limbaugh and Levin.

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