Obama: It's Your Mop Now

Peggy Noonan opines on Obama’s “It’s not my fault” routine, and says it is getting old:

At a certain point, a president must own a presidency. For George W. Bush that point came eight months in, when 9/11 happened. From that point on, the presidency–all his decisions, all the credit and blame for them–was his. The American people didn’t hold him responsible for what led up to 9/11, but they held him responsible for everything after it. This is part of the reason the image of him standing on the rubble of the twin towers, bullhorn in hand, on Sept.14, 2001, became an iconic one. It said: I’m owning it.

But alas, the president doesn’t relish this new-found responsibility. Noonan continues:

The president doesn’t seem to like this moment. Who would? He and his men and women have returned to referring to what they “inherited.” And what they inherited was, truly, terrible: again, a severe economic crisis and two wars. But their recent return to this theme is unbecoming. Worse, it is politically unpersuasive. It sounds defensive, like a dodge.

The president said last week, at a San Francisco fund-raiser, that he’s busy with a “mop,” “cleaning up somebody else’s mess,” and he doesn’t enjoy “somebody sitting back and saying, ‘You’re not holding the mop the right way.'” Later, in New Orleans, he groused that reporters are always asking “Why haven’t you solved world hunger yet?” His surrogates and aides, in appearances and talk shows, have taken to remembering, sometimes at great length, the dire straits we were in when the presidency began.

This is not a sign of confidence.

Funny that Obama has a problem with accepting responsibility, when he relentlessly lectures the rest of us about ……responsibility. It’s his mantra.

But I suppose that advice is for us, not for Him?

Obama, quit whining about:

Insurance Companies/Talk Radio/ and so on……

You asked for the job.

It’s your mop now.

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