Fruits of the Spirit

I used to spend time on a web site which discussed religion. Like politics, religion is one of those topics where civil discussion is difficult, and a lot of the posters will attack anyone whose views are seen as notably different from their own. People who hold strong beliefs are expected not only to defend their beliefs, but to do so to the standards of the critic.

Where that has been difficult for Christians, is the fact that many Christians do not live by the creed they claim to follow. Many self-identified Christians are selfish hypocrites, willing to say or do whatever will get them what they want, while judging every other belief system as inferior to their own moral standards. That’s not to say the majority of Christians are this way, but enough of them are, including some high-profile “ministers”, to make it difficult to answer the charge. You should do what you say you believe.

That’s also why I cannot take Liberals (capital L, as in Loser) seriously. In every major issue, Liberals are loud and aggressive in their rhetoric, but they don’t come close to living the way they talk. For all his talk, the book, speeches and a Nobel Prize, Al Gore’s palatial estate and private jet prove he’s a phony with regard to the planet – the man has personally done more polluting than many corporations he attacks. Michael Moore has been the most prominent enemy of Capitalism and Free Enterprise since Stalin, but he has no problem making piles of money off his lies. Barack Obama ran on the promise of helping the poor by fleecing the rich, but the net effect of his policies since his inauguration have hurt poor and minorities more than anyone else. And so on, ad nauseum – there is not even one high-profile Liberal who can point to his or her life as proof that they live the way they demand everyone else live. The media protects them, but the regular people are beginning to see through the charade.

It’s difficult just now, to see how this will play out in the 2010 elections. Liberals have done a good job in the past of hiding their hypocrisy, but it also illustrates that they have a thing shell – if their façade fails under pressure, their foundation falls apart quicker than a John Kerry war hero claim.

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