Why does the left fear Sarah Palin so much?

On November 17th, Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” will be available. On that same day a collection of hit pieces will be published under the title “Going Rouge”. Gateway Pundit has a picture of the two covers.


Notice the tag line difference “An American Life” vs “An American Nightmare”. How clever. Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit wonders if the covers are too similar and whether some sort of trademark infraction could be pursued.

But all that is honestly besides the point. Why does the left fear Sarah Palin so much? While she remains popular among conservatives, the cold hard fact remains that she has huge electability issues. Very few candidates can recover from being on a losing presidential ticket, regardless of how engaging a public speaker they may be. Despite the fact the Obama himself had paper thin experience before the campaign so did she. And it showed enough that some of the damage is irreparable. Finally, polls have shown that her resigning her governorship has resulted in a huge hit to her favorability index.

Why then the fear? I have contended for quite a while that the best way Palin can serve conservative issues is to just remain in the public eye. Her presence alone seems to drive those in the far left into a frenzy of panic and it is only a (short) matter of time before someone is suggesting she should be gang-raped by a bunch of black men. Such comments might be greeted with cheers by people so polarized by partisanship that they have lost all sense of decency (if they had any to begin with). But for most Americans the revulsion to hate of that magnitude can only serve to boost support for Palin and, in turn, the conservative agenda.

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