Does this make George W. a prophet?

You can’t help but be intrigued by the machinations that take place inside the heads of religious leftists as they attempt to sell ideology as a basis for Christian faith:

We went out last night to see Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story. I’ll say it’s a must-see and leave it at that. (Except to add that the man is another of those modern-day prophets, and the fact that so many people don’t like him simply helps prove the point.)

The movie got me thinking again about some things that I have said here before, to little or no reaction. So, being the stubborn son of a gun that I am, I thought I’d say them again and see if I can provoke anyone into responding.

Here’s something I said some time ago that bears repeating:

Capitalism is based on a system of enlightened self-interest

The Gospel of Jesus is based on a system of enlightened other-interest

As such, they are diametrically opposed, and more than likely incompatible.

Any comments on that rather bold statement? If you still support the idea that capitalism is God’s preferred economic system I’d like to hear from you. But even if you don’t, how about the idea that they are possibly incompatible? Anyone?

Who would like to opine?


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