Hope and Change but not Trust

As a fiscal conservative the current direction of the Obama administration leaves little room for good news. Whether you label it as socialism (or in some cases communism) or just big government run amok, it is clear the concepts such as fiscal responsibility are not even in the room, let alone on the table.

The only hope is that public opinion is against this direction. Obama got votes for hope and for change and for not being Bush. But as the electorate starts to see the kind of change they voted for buyers remorse is setting in. Moe Lane tracks the trust numbers as polled by Rasmussen from month to month (hat tip: Hot Air). The slide of the Democratic trust numbers is dramatic and offers some hope.


Note the double digit lead for Republicans on the economy and on taxes and that this lead doubled since September. (The public trust on security issues is even more telling, but that is the subject for another post.)

On the Rasmussen page where Lane pulled his latest numbers, there is another set that is equally compelling.


Over 55% of likely voters think that tax increases hurt and tax decreases help. Support for the opposite view is in the teens. Rasmussen’s analysis of the numbers can be found here. From this, one can hope that public support for a bloated health care bill that will cost billions and require tax increases will be devastatingly low.

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