D-U-M Spells Dumb

ConWebBlog, the “official blog” of “ConWebWatch,” a bunch of idiot leftists committed to “exposing” the right side of the blogosphere, has a great scoop on their hands: they caught World Net Daily with a real howler in a headline:

A 3-Letter Word — jobs!

What kind of a moron thinks “Jobs” has three letters?

Well, if you read the article in question, you have your answer: Vice President Joe Biden.

That’s right, they were quoting then-candidate Biden from October 15, 2008, in Athens, Ohio.

Way to go, ConWebBlog. You discovered that our vice president — Obama’s personal choice to succeed him should the unthinkable happen — is a blithering idiot.

A lot of us could have told you that a long time ago.

In fact, we did. Repeatedly.

(Hat tip to Media Matters shill Oliver Willis, who also bit hard on the stupid.)

Unintended Consequences?
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