Death To The Messengers

After decades of living under the delicate hand of ABCNBCCBSCNNNPRNYTWP, liberals have adopted an aversion to the news, or at least the news that comes from those that are not members of the traditional alphabet news fraternity. To borrow a phrase from the movie classic Animal House , liberals have embraced the Dean Wormer policy by attempting to place Fox News and Matt Drudge on double secret probation.

Matt Drudge is being taken to task for highlighting on his website the weakness of the U S dollar while Fox has been famously slammed by the triumvirate of Robert Gibbs, Anita Dunn and Rahm Emmanuel for simply criticizing and parsing. That there is an orchestrated effort by this administration and Congress to manage the bad news in circulation today is no surprise (all politicians do that) but the clumsiness of the Democrats’ effort is stunning to many political observers. At some point in the narrative an actual rebuttal should appear. In Drudge’s example, what is the administration doing about the declining dollar? (Answer: nothing) In the Fox News polemic, what is the administration doing about the rising deficit (Answer: nothing), creating jobs (Answer: nothing), reducing the taxing burden on small business (Answer: nothing) or making good on promises to our allies in Europe and Afghanistan (Answer: nothing).

While the White House and Congress may want to wish bad things upon the pests that continue to ask these questions, their avoidance of the issues solves nothing. Drudge and Fox are making a call to Washington that the Democrat Majority does not want to take. Having been put on hold for nine months while Congress hashes out unpopular and mind numbing legislation, voters are getting the message loud and clear: Washington is saying “We’ll get back to you on that. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

However,it is uncanny how keen the voters’ ear is to the sound of Denial. The spectacle of Fox News and Matt Drudge being shunned is the very theatre of an intervention gone wrong: the unwilling party has the doors locked, is texting for their next fix, and trying to relive yesterday’s glory. This is not an entirely unpredictable result of the Obama Bubble.

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