House Democrats Lock GOP Out of Committee Room, Refuse to Let Them In

You read that right, Democrats angry at Republicans for a video on website, changed the locks on doors to keep Repubs out.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Democratic staff for the House oversight committee informed their GOP counterparts today that the majority has changed the locks on the committee’s hearing room. While Republicans previously enjoyed their own key to the room, they will now have to request access from Democrats. This followed a bitter partisan argument in which Republicans refused to take down a video from their website that contradicted Dem explanations about a closed-door meeting on the Countrywide VIP loan scandal.

How does this help anyone, let alone the Democrats that did this? This stuff is just childish. Wait, I’ve got an idea! Talk out your problems and, gasp, compromise if it’s really necessary. But changing the locks on your doors? What, did the GOP and Dems have a bad break-up and are changing their mutual locks to avoid any awkwardness?

Come on people, get together and work for you-know-who’s sake. Oh, wait, you may give yourselves a raise.

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