Obama's Draft

One key element of most of the proposals for health care finance reform — especially those pushed by Obama and the Democrats — is a little thing called “mandatory universal coverage.”

This means that everyone gets some kind of health insurance plan.

More specifically, everyone pays for some kind of health insurance plan.

When pressed, the advocates all say the same thing — that without mandatory universal coverage, the plan simply won’t have enough money to succeed. In other words, it requires everyone to pay in — especially young people who won’t put too many demands on the system.

Let that percolate through your mind for a minute or two.

Young people — Americans — will be required to pay for a program that they are being told, up front, that they are not supposed to get full value for their payments for years to come.

Ever talked to a young person after they receive their first pay check? Especially right after they read all the deductions and withholdings and whatnot? The line “who the hell is this FICA person, and what is he doing taking MY money?!?!” is oft uttered.

Young people often minimize their deductions. The reasoning is simple: most of them are just starting out, just learning how to manage their finances, and most often have low-paying jobs. They need every penny they get.

One place they often skimp is on health insurance. Their reasoning is simple: I’m young, I’m healthy, I don’t need to pay a hunk out of every paycheck for something I don’t need. Most of them either skip it entirely, or sign up for only catastrophic coverage.

This is how a friend of mine handled it. And a few months, his decision was put to the test. He was hospitalized with a bad case of the flu, and was looking at a couple of grand in uncovered charges.

Then he got a phone call that saved his ass. It turns out that the early tests were wrong — it wasn’t ordinary flu, but swine flu. He was New Hampshire’s 27th case. That triggered his catastrophic plan, and he ended up paying less than fifty bucks.

Will he have the same plan next year? I dunno. He’s got a new child, so I suspect not. But he made a calm, rational decision, played the odds, and lucked out.

That won’t be the case under ObamaCare.

For years, it’s been a cliche’ to quote liberals as saying “think of the children!” In this case, though, it’s true — they’ve thought of the children and are seeing dollar signs.

In a sense, it’s just another “draft.” The older generation wants something done for their benefit, they can’t swing it on their own, so they’re shanghaiing the youth of America to bear the burden.

“But it’s for the common good!” That’s the eternal cry of the socialists. For the sake of the many, the individuals have to make some kind of sacrifices. It’s rarely the ones proposing the sacrifices who will actually have to make them, of course — they fulfill their moral obligation simply by demanding others perform their good deeds for them.

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