Obama's Department of Justice Funding Trolls with Taxpayer Dollars?

According to some reports, Obama’s Department of Justice has been paying trolls to skulk around and find blog posts that are critical of President Obama or the Department Justice and leave anonymous comments that are designed to debunk the posts.

This got me wondering. Is the commenter Victory is Ours Wizbang’s own DOJ Obama troll? Take a look at his comments. He has all kinds of quotes, statistics, and such right at his fingertips almost every time he leaves a comment. He just drums this stuff up as if they are prepared talking points. How interesting. And he seems to hang around here at Wizbang an awful lot, as if he has nothing else to do but offer comments that rebut the criticisms that are directed at Obama.

What does everyone think? Am I right?

While we await Obama's decision on more troops in Afghanistan...
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