Obama ready to compromise on government-run health care?

Fox News is reporting that President Obama is resigned to compromising on the issue of the so-called public “option” in order to ensure passage of health care “reform” and save considerable embarrassment given his huge majorities in both houses of Congress:

The president’s top adviser, David Axelrod, also downplayed the importance of a government-run insurance option, saying Senate opposition in both parties means “we have to work through these issues.”

“The president has very consistently and clearly articulated his support for a public option,” Axelrod said in an interview with ABC’s This Week.

But, Axelrod added, “that doesn’t mean that we — we halt the process. There are people in the Senate — Republicans and Democrats — who have objections to that. We have to work through these issues, and we’re going to do that.”

I love how Axelrod includes Republicans in proclaiming some sort of bi-partisan support for this tragic legislation. Conservative voters must always remember those Republicans who crossed the line on these crucial matters and make sure they are never nominated by the party again.

Obama’s relent on the issue of the public “option” is nothing more than a realization that he cannot procure a majority of support in the Senate (much less 60 votes) at this time with the government takeover as part of this legislation. However, part of this compromise will likely include “triggers” that kick governmental intervention into action if certain impossible-to-attain goals are not attained by the insurance industry.

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