Is Barack Obama Anti-American?

Bookworm asks this question and then provides the argument why Obama is in fact anti-American. Now in what way does Bookworm say Obama is anti-American? He wants to alter the essence of America, and that essence is steeped in freedom and liberty. Bookworm’s analysis is absolutely on target. Here’s but a portion:

All the freedoms I’ve discussed can very quickly be distilled into a single essence, an American essence: American individuals are free from control by and fear of their own government, and the American nation is free from control by other nations.

Barack Obama is anti-American because he wants to change this American essence. His domestic policy is directed at increasing government control in every area, which decreases individual liberty. Here’s an incomplete bullet-point list of his anti-liberty goals on the home front:

  • He wants to remove any last vestiges of the marketplace from individuals’ control over their own health care, and put the government entirely in charge.
  • He’s willing to give government control over American businesses (i.e., Bank takeover ands Government Motors).
  • His administration, while on record as opposing the Fairness Doctrine, is aggressively exploring a backdoor regulatory scheme that would have precisely the same practical effect as the Fairness Doctrine: it would impose government restrictions on content, rather than allowing the market (that means us, the consumers) to control content.
  • His FCC wants to control the internet, which is a humming beehive of free speech, much of it critical of Obama.
  • Although he’s mostly erased the record, his dream is to create a civilian national security force, subordinate to the administration, which would be larger than the American military. The military, please note, is controlled by the Constitution and has traditionally existed as a separate entity from any government.
  • He wants to take away the right to bear arms. He’ll pay lip service to supporting the Second Amendment, but his fundamental goal is to use government to remove arms from individuals. I’ve never held a gun in my life, but I know that the Founders understood that, for individuals, their single biggest defense against an overreaching government, is the right to arm themselves. Statists never allow their citizens to bear arms. Indeed, the first thing the Nazis did was ban guns in citizen’s hands.
  • He wants to redistribute wealth. Without money, people have no choices. The more money the government siphons to itself, the fewer choices we, as individuals have, which makes us increasingly subordinate to the government.

As Bookworm also notes, Obama has sided with dictators against their citizens (Honduras, Iran, Russia, Cuba) when American presidents have traditionally sided with a country’s citizens against their tyrannical dictator. Naturally, these leaders have been very upset with us over the past years but America has always been the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world. That Obama thinks it is his job to mend the rift with these dictators tells us that he does not understand America’s unique role in the world. Instead of allowing America to be that one unique nation that stand out among other nations as the light of the free world, Barack Obama wants America to assimilate with these other nations, and in doing that, America loses that which makes her America.

I quoted only a small portion of Bookworm’s post. Please head on over to Bookwormroom and read the entire post.

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