Charges to be Brought Against Balloon Boy's Family

Remember on Thursday how you were glued to the news, amazed by the simple shining silver balloon flying across landscape in Colorado? “Oh my God, is the boy inside?” “How did this happen?” “What will happen?” “Wait, who keeps a large, inflatable balloon in their backyard?” Well, it looks like Falcon Heene’s family are looking at “misdemeanor charges” from police, who think that this may have all been a hoax.

Concerns that this ordeal was a terrible publicity stunt came from Falcon himself. While doing an interview for CNN, Falcon answered his own father’s question of “Why didn’t you come out [of the attic],” with “Um, you guys said that, um, we did this for a show.”

Here’s the video:

(Please note the huge BALLOON BOY LIVES! next to the CNN logo)

Follow that up with the odd way that the Heene family handled the whole thing and, oh yeah, a researcher saying that he knew, and helped plan, the whole thing, and you’ve got a bona fide hoax on your hands.

I’ll see you in ten to twenty, Falcon.

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