Motivational government


Midnight is approaching, my 24 hours of wizbang posting time is almost up, and it remains to be seen if the slipper will fit or not. I thought I would end with a post that was a little more upbeat. With the policies of the current administration conservative blog posts about the government are often negative and with good reason. But amongst all the negativity one might wonder what is an example of something a government could be doing that would be viewed as positive.

For me the answer is simple–space exploration. Recently a photo was taken from Mars that captured both the Earth, Jupiter and several moons in the same frame (hat tip: gizmodo). Click the thumbnail to see the full image. Warning: It is large but completely worth it.

For just a fraction of this year’s deficit, the United States could put humans on Mars. The wonder and sense of accomplishment the country felt with the moon landing could be ours again. I realize that economic and defense concerns come first. But the potential gains are so great and the price is so very small in comparison that I dream of a time when we might dare to undertake the unknown and the never-done once again.

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