Obama agenda to become infused in many TV programs next week

The four leading broadcast networks have agreed to promote President Obama’s initiatives of “service and volunteering” by embedding these themes into many of their programs for a full week beginning October 19th. Masked by a program run by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), the Obama administration has convinced our major television networks to weave specific liberal agendas into a multitude of programs.

According to an EIF press release, shows that will inculcate the concepts of “service and volunteering” incorporate many of the most popular programs including All My Children, America’s Funniest Home Videos, 30 Rock, CSI Miami, Dancing with the Stars, Days of our Lives, Desperate Housewives, General Hospital, Good Morning America, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, One Life to Live, Private Practice, The Biggest Loser, The Office, The View and Today Show along with many others.

In a recent press release, EIF cleverly disguises this effort to inject liberal indoctrination about government-run health care, global warming, abortion, public bailouts along with this “service and volunteering” endeavor next week as a charitable endeavor:

President Obama has called for a new era of responsibility – recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and world to serve others. It is the price and promise of citizenship.

In response, our television community with the Entertainment Industry Foundation will launch a multi-year campaign to inspire and action and promote a new way of thinking about service. Our goal is to provide millions of Americans the tools and resources that will make a profound impact in communities nationwide.

The Entertainment Industry Foundation, as a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry, has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to support charitable initiatives addressing critical health, education and social issues.

The EIF has enlisted many Hollywood Stars to promote this effort:

LOS ANGELES — Eight stars from the four major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – join together in new public service announcement that encourages viewers to tune in to an unprecedented week of television, October 19 -25, as part of EIF’s iParticipate national initiative to promote service and volunteering.

Simon Baker (CBS’ The Mentalist), Emily Deschanel (FOX’s Bones), Eva Longoria Parker (ABC’s Desperate Housewives), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (CBS’ The New Adventures of Old Christine), Masi Oka (NBC’s Heroes), Michael Strahan (FOX’s Brothers), Kate Walsh (ABC’s Private Practice), and Rainn Wilson (NBC’s The Office) are featured in the 30-second spot, which reinforces that great change begins with small choices and one decision to change leads to others. The spot ends by encouraging people to tune-in starting October 19 to find out how the networks are participating. The PSA was produced by filmmaker Jesse Dylan, with his agency FreeForm. It begins airing the week of September 28 on all four broadcast networks.

We all understand the entertainment industry leans very heavily to the left and accept that most programming advances liberal viewpoints. However, the networks’ complicity in this effort to seamlessly enfold a specific Obama agenda such as “service and volunteering” is downright chilling.

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