Child to Obama: "Why do people hate you?"

During the president’s latest staged town hall meeting in New Orleans on Thursday, a young child asked Obama why so many people hate him. The question was obviously pre-planned and afforded the president an opportunity deftly handle the “awkward” situation with another narcissistic diatribe about “taking it with a grain of salt” and his being “a pretty tough guy”.

This was all cute, but it really got me thinking today about the word “hate”. After all, it has become so politicized and, in some cases, even criminalized that its modern meaning has evolved quite a bit from its actual definition:

hate [heyt]

— verb (used with object)

  1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or hostility toward; detest. To hate the enemy. To hate bigotry.
  2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.

I took a few moments and began pondering my own anguish about President Obama’s policies and whether my being diametrically opposed to him on just about every issue was tantamount to “hate”. As a Christian, I’m supposed to love, right? Well, the love part isn’t happening, but I convinced myself that my staunch opposition to him was definitely not hatred.

This evening, I faced the horrible task of having to lay off two of my 28 employees. I own a modest landscaping business down here in Southwest Florida and although I’m surviving much better than my competitors, declining revenues have necessitated this move. I have never had to terminate an employee for non-performance-related issues and feel absolutely awful about this. I spent a few hours networking with some of my contractors in trying to get these men at least some part-time work. One of my foremen observed my efforts and called me a “nice guy”.

Unfortunately, our president does not agree. Mr. Obama has made repeated references to business owners as people who “get rich off the backs of others” and “need to start paying their fair share”. On my long drive home, I began ruminating about the reasons why I forced to let these two fine employees go. The intentionality of the Obama recession deeply angers me. I understands the economy waxes and wanes, but the willful implementation of policies that everyone knows will deepen and lengthen this time of suffering truly enrage me. We all know simple tax cuts and drastic reductions in spending would kick start our economy. Heck, even Bill Clinton figured that out (with a Republican Congress to assist him). But no… our ideologically driven president is hell-bent on “fundamentally transforming” our great nation, so to hell with the people.

The Obamaconomy hasn’t harmed me yet. I’ve been blessed and I’ll get through this. But my two poor former employees, you know… the lower class that this president is fighting for… they’re in a bit of a spot right now. Millions more are suffering the same. Again, President Obama knows how to fix it. But he won’t do so because he has an alternative course for us.

So, as I reflect on my sentiments toward Barack Obama in the context of the definition of “hate”, things do get a bit dicey. As I fully process his position on issues such as the murder of the unborn, his obvious disdain for our military and his clear objective to erode our Constitution and our way of life as a prosperous, capitalistic nation, some hard realities set in. I must confess: I dislike him intensely and passionately. I feel extreme aversion toward him and his ideologies.

There. I said it.

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