None so Blind

They say that there’s a health care “debate” going on, but frankly, I don’t see it. Debates traditionally involve two sides—each presenting and defending arguments which are then judged by an impartial arbiter for effectiveness, and a winner determined on merit.What’s happening in Washington these days is more akin to a circus sideshow or an awful science fiction movie. The type where you see the inevitable conclusion unfolding before your eyes but are powerless to intervene. That’s because what’s going on in Washington is not a debate. It’s a fiction. A drama. A staged passion play.

On the one side, we have the Democrats, defenders of the Narrative that despite our life choices and natural abilities, we should all be treated the same with our outcomes all predetermined by government fiat. On the other side, we have the Press, defenders of the Democrats. Where are the Republicans?

Outside the theater, clamoring for entrance.

The problem with today’s “debate” on health care is that the case against government’s injecting itself into the equation is not being made effectively. The Democrats are insisting that such intervention is necessary and the Press instructs everyone else that this of course is the correct choice. Regular, everyday, common Americans who aren’t necessarily plugged in to the blogosphere never get a chance to even hear alternative arguments, let alone understand them. The sad reality is that too many people still rely on their local 6 o’clock news for information or, worse (to the great joy of Democrats) tune out completely.

There’s no other way to explain this jarring statement as reported today by Erica Werner of the AP:

White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said later that aside from congressional Republicans, “there has not been a vocal opponent to this point” prior to the release of the insurance industry report.

You remember that insurance industry report, don’t you? The one released by AHIP which estimated that your family’s premium by 2019 under the Baucus bill would be about $4,000 more than expected?

Does the White House (via their mouthpiece du jour, Mr. Pfeiffer) honestly believe that there have been no vocal opponents to the various Democrat plans being floated around Washington except for AHIP? That’s impossible to defend. What’s really happening is that the White House is using the AP to create that impression in the minds of Americans who aren’t following this too closely that there’s really “nothing to see here” and that this is all a fait accompli.

We’ll find out in 2010 (sooner in NJ and VA) whether this strategy will pay off for Democrats. Judging by the great urgency with which they’re authorizing all these trillions of dollars in spending, I’d bet that even they realize it’s all about to go up in smoke and that their window of opportunity to destroy American’s capitalist foundations is closing quickly.

Not quickly enough.

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