Cap and Fade

There aren’t too many conclusions that can be drawn from the Democrats’ insisting on passing legislation that the CBO is certain will doom our economy for decades to come.

Reasonable people, when viewing the evidence, can really only arrive at one of either two positions:

First—The Democrats believe that the opinions of experts don’t apply to them and that they are somehow different than the Democrats which came before. Past failures of similar policies don’t necessarily mean that today’s policies are equally doomed. I call this the “Dumb Democrat” camp.

Second—The Democrats are well aware of the certain ‘failure’ of their plans to ‘fix’ our capitalist system because in their opinion, our system is the underlying problem and must be eliminated. Until we’ve eviscerated our capitalist foundations, we won’t ‘succeed’ in making America what it ‘should be’. In other words, all ‘fixes’ should be aimed at ‘destroying’ us so that we can be ‘rebuilt’ as an anti-capitalist welfare state. I call this the “Evil Democrat” camp.

Here’s the Washington Post reporting on the CBO’s opinion of proposed Cap-and-Trade legislation (emphasis mine):

A House-passed bill that targets climate change through a cap-and-trade system of pollution credits would slow the nation’s economic growth slightly over the next few decades and would create “significant” job losses from fossil fuel industries as the country shifts to renewable energy, the head of the Congressional Budget Office told a Senate energy panel Wednesday.

CBO Director Douglas W. Elmendorf emphasized that his estimates contained significant uncertainties and “do not include any benefits from averting climate change,” but his message nevertheless contrasted sharply with those of President Obama and congressional Democratic leaders, who have suggested that a cap on carbon emissions would help revive the U.S. economy.

In which camp do you come down? Have the Democrats just not read their history? Do they not understand economics? Or is it something different? Do they purposefully want to torpedo the capitalist foundation on which this country was built and has prospered for 200 years in order to install a system where we all become uniform…but uniformly bad?

These are educated men and women we’ve elected to represent us in Washington. Lawyers. Doctors. It’s not likely that any of them are dumb enough to advocate policy that’s so demonstrably flawed.

Is it?

Perhaps it’s more likely that there’s something else going on. To many, and we’ve seen this from the Left pretty consistently since 9/11, America has been “cruising for a bruising” for quite some time now. Is it time to finally consider whether this incomprehensibly awful legislation is not simply the product of uneducated rubes with too much power…but something more insidious?

Are we instead witnessing the intentional erosion of America’s capitalist foundation? If so, is it too late to prevent?

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