Zero tolerance… (UPDATED)

… for common sense and reason:

Zachary Christie was ordered to spend 45 days in his district’s alternative school for troublemakers after he tried to use the combination folding fork, knife and spoon to eat lunch at Downes Elementary School in Newark, Delaware.

Under the Christina School District’s zero-tolerance policy, the knife is banned as a dangerous instrument under and officials said they were forced to act regardless of Zachary’s age or what he planned to do with it.

“The policy, of course, needs some additional flexibility,” school board member John Mackenzie said. “Politically, zero tolerance is what everybody clamours for, until we start to realize how harsh zero tolerance can be.”

Zachary’s mother, Debbie Christie, is appealing her son’s suspension and said she would prefer that the district’s policy consider a child’s age and intent.

“I agree that they shouldn’t bring dangerous weapons to school but I don’t think the punishment should be this bad,” Zachary said. “It’s not fair.”

Fair, dear Zachary, is defined a little differently by the Educational bureaucracy. Please make a note of it.

And you might want to be careful with how sharp your pencil is when making that note. I suspect there may be rules to govern its use as well.

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UPDATE: From the comments, word that the suspension was lifted this morning. Thanks Steve!

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