To hell with the U.S. economy, it’s all about pleasing Copenhagen

Just ask John Kerry:

Democratic U.S. senators pushing legislation on global warming said on Tuesday they were making progress in winning support for the controversial measure, which is expected to begin moving through a key Senate committee sometime in November.

“We will make our best effort and we will advance this ball and Copenhagen will know we’re not fooling around,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry told Reuters in an interview.

In early December, an international meeting convenes in Copenhagen to try to reach an agreement on the next steps for reducing greenhouse gas pollution that is blamed for global climate change.

As the leading carbon dioxide polluter in the developed world, the United States is seen as key to the success of the Copenhagen meeting, where developing countries will want to see that Washington is making progress toward controlling dangerous emissions.

That sampling of Senatorial wisdom while unbelievable cold rules much of the US.

Global warming my arse.

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