The New GOP.COM, They’re Kidding, Right?


Calling the Chairman’s blog “What Up?,” really?

What the hell are they thinking? Forced cool (not that it is) is really mind boggling. Calling the Chairman’s blog “What Up?” is an insult to my intelligence. Michael Steele is black; he knows it, I know it, and most everyone else who has watched cable news in the last 6 months knows it. Other than butchering the English language, why is it necessary to give the blog an Urban Dictionary friendly name? Is it to be hip, or to ever so subliminally infer that the Chairman of the GOP has street cred, because he’s black?

That’s just first one of many, many problems. Here’s a run down which the left has been delightfully compiling all day…

Think Progress
New York Daily News
Add the face of your choice to the GOP masthead – Comic Booth

And I’ll let you in on the next way the site will be exploited by Internet mischief makers – posting photos of scandal ridden Republicans and waiting to see how long it will take before they’re removed. Here’s Ted Haggard

So now that the first day failings are evident, the bigger question is just what the hell this mess is supposed to be?

All the disembodied “O” faces (you know this is coming) just get creepy after a while. Who are they, and why should I care that their faces are grabbing so much screen real estate? The site needs to decide if it’s going to be some sort of history lesson on GOP hero’s from the 1800’s or a social media network. If it’s the latter how about ditching the floating heads and go right to the meat and potatoes?

If they’re going to be a Republican social media hub then surely they’ll want to tap the conservative blogosphere, right? Wrong… Nothing there invites outsiders in nor insiders out.

Anyway, maybe they’ll get things sorted out eventually, but right out of the gate things don’t look very good…

(Note: As of this evening Steele’s blog has been renamed)

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