Rush Limbaugh sacked

We live in seriously sad, dare I say tragic, times:

The group bidding to purchase the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League is prepared to do so without the financial backing of Rush Limbaugh, ESPN reported on Wednesday.

The conservative American radio talk show host Limbaugh is expected to be dropped as a minority member of the group which also includes New York business tycoon Dave Checketts, who already owns a National Hockey League franchise.

Any sale to the Checketts/Limbaugh group must be approved by three-quarters of the NFL’s 32 teams and it has already been met with opposition from players such as Donovan McNabb.

ESPN said according to its sources Checketts now realizes that if he is to be successful he has to drop Limbaugh.

Speaking on his syndicated radio show on Wednesday, Limbaugh still held out hope.

“I am not even thinking of exiting,” Limbaugh was reported by ESPN as saying. “I am not a caver.

“Pioneers take arrows. We are pioneers. It is a sad thing but our country 200 years old now needs pioneers all over again, but we do.”

Methinks we need more than pioneers. Much more.

I find it incredulous that race-baiters and race-pimps have been able to successfully lead the charge to derail a man’s plans to achieve his dreams.

The America we once knew is no more. Or nearly so.

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